Who we are

We are a team of passionate visionaries and world-class designers, engineers, customer experience experts who are building a future of limitless possibilities.

For more than 10 years now, Trivel's dedicated crew has been manufacturing adaptive tricycles tailored to kids of all ages to bring them joy and happiness, in North America and across all the world.

It’s our mission to continuously raising the bar and pushing the outer limits of design, and that's what we do with our electric bikes.

Trivel e-Azteca Electric Tricycle_Team Canada Design_About us
Trivel e-Azteca Electric Tricycle_Team Canada Design_Team

Meet our owner: Olivier Lajoie

Trivel e-Azteca Electric Tricycle_Team Canada Design_Owner Olivier Lajoie

Behind every detail of our products, especially the e-Azteca is the innovative mind of our passionate (to say the least) and visionary owner Olivier Lajoie.

In 2010, he acquired a bike shop in Repentigny, Quebec, that also ran a small adaptive tricycle workshop.

In 2014, he bought his competitor in Quebec, orthopedic tricycle manufacturer TRIVEL, to give a boost to his tricycle line, which until then targeted special-needs children in Quebec, and reach new markets, including electrical tricycle for adults.

Since then, Olivier and his team continue to push the limits, striving to develop and offer their customers better, safer, more innovative, and life-changing tricycles and other products.

As he would say, this is just the beginning of a fun and creative journey with limitless possibilities!