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This January enjoy free shipping on our amazing e-Azteca's

You'll finally be able to go for long rides without exhausting yourself with one of our electric tricycles. Well equipped, safe and easy to use, you'll enjoy the outdoors like never before.

Our e-Azteca is designed, tested and shipped right here in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada. Our 24 speed electric tricycle is all about your safety, so you can enjoy safe and stable riding up to 32 km / h (20 mph).

Can’t wait to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family on our comfortable electric tricycle?

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Trivel e-Azteca Electric Tricycle Demo Sales 2021

Here is what our customers think

I bought an e-Azteca electric tricycle for my wife who has MS and does not have the balance to ride a regular bike or go for outdoor walks. It has been a great purchase as it has given her back some unexpected freedom to explore the outdoors once again.”

- John

We purchased this electric tricycle a month ago to pass time during the pandemic. It has been such a pleasure for both my husband and I that he has just placed an order for a second Trivel E-Trike (fatter tire version for him). Both versions are equipped with a basket and lights.....This is a gift that keeps on giving! Highly recommend for seniors but a bike for anybody who needs a little or a lot of assistance.

- GM Carson

Our e-Aztecas fit in most standard SUV models, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

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Enjoy one of our 2 offered models. The e-Azteca regular and the e-Fat Azteca which comes equipped with fat tires for winter.

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If you have any questions or concerns about our e-Azteca, call us! 

We know it's an important purchase (that will change your life)!
Whether you suffer from back pain, balance issuesor simply want a stable tricycle that can help you save your energy, the e-Azteca will safely lead you wherever you want to go.

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