Buy now our 4-season electric tricycle!

Thanks to this comfortable and safe electric tricycle, you can enjoy fun outdoor adventures without compromise! Two models available to meet your needs: e-Azteca regular, with 2" wide tires, or e-Fat Azteca, with 4" wide fat tires. 

2 models available

e-Azteca Fat 

(4" wide fat tires)


e-Azteca Regular

(2" wide tires)


4 days only!

Friday to Monday
(Novembre 26th to 29th) 


Evelyn Markin

I received my e-Azteca trike a few days ago and absolutely enjoy it. This is the second trike we have purchased through Costco. The stability gives us confidence to go bike riding and the battery assist makes it so easy to get around hilly areas.

Janette Tom

I bought one six weeks ago and I love it. These trikes are a real gift for seniors.Might not work for everyone but as a 71 year old female in moderate shape this is my pure joy! I feel completely sage while riding it and can now keep up with my super fit 80 year old husband.Thank you Trivel for making it possible for me to keep rolling!

A Client from Costco

This is my first electric tricycle. Easy to ride, solidly built, reliable. Great for exercise or easy riding. It’s never too late to get one!

Trivel Electric Tricycle Canada


Building on 10 years of experience in the orthopedic sector and our human-centric design approach, we design experience for adults living with health, balance, or mobility issues, who want to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

We are continuously raising the bar and pushing the outer limits of design with our electric tricycles. We are a Montreal-based company building a future of limitless possibility. 

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