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A game changer for your mobility and freedom!

Trivel e-Azteca Electric Tricycle FAT Tires - 3 levels of power assistance range of up to 70 km
  • Stable and safe

    The e-Azteca 9 speed electric tricycle is all about your safety, so you can enjoy a risk-free and stable ride up to 32 kph (20 mph).

  • Ride longer

    Our electric tricycles battery charge has a range up to 70 km (43.5 miles). That’s quite the riding day!

  • Canadian-based design

    We offer a five-year warranty on the e-Azteca's frameset and all defective parts are covered by a one-year warranty.

  • Delivered right at your doorstep

    We ship your e-Azteca within 14 days, fully assembled. Easy to adjust, it fits into most standard SUVs!

There are many reasons to love our electric trike

Eazteca buytrivel trike

Here is what our customers think!

I bought an e-Azteca electric tricycle for my wife who has MS and does not have the balance to ride a regular bike or go for outdoor walks. It has been a great purchase as it has given her back some unexpected freedom to explore the outdoors once again.” 


We purchased this electric tricycle a month ago to pass time during the pandemic. It has been such a pleasure for both my husband and I that he has just placed an order for a second Trivel E-Trike (fatter tire version for him). Both versions are equipped with a basket and lights.....This is a gift that keeps on giving! Highly recommend for seniors but a bike for anybody who needs a little or a lot of assistance.

GM Carson

I received my e-Azteca electric trike a few days ago and absolutely enjoy it.  This is the second trike we have purchased through Costco.  The stability gives us confidence to go bike riding and the battery assist makes it so easy to get around hilly areas.

Evelyn Markin

We purchased this trike for our adult son who has autism. He loves it.

Extremely well made, sturdy and a breeze to ride. It looks amazing and we constantly get stopped by people admiring it.

Trike comes completely pre assembled. excellent quality material, powerful when you need extra power and can go for over 60 kms with one charge. Comes with large rear basket, tire inflator, red safety flag and water bottle holder.


Stay young at heart and enjoy life with our e-Azteca

No steep hill, windy condition or even fear of falling can stop you know.

Battery powered tricycle

Equipped with a 5-level powerful electrical-assisted motor to help you manage your efforts. We built our frameset as stable as possible with a low center of gravity, robust antiflat tires and powerful brakes.

You just need to hop on it to go wherever you please!

Comfortable yes, but cool-looking too!

Since our focus for this electric tricycle is your safety and comfort, we added an ergonomic handle for a relaxed grip and a wide padded seat for a comfortable riding position. 

Our ingenious design team in Canada also thought of adding a large basket and a water bottle holder.

A game changer for your mobility

Whether you suffer from back pain, balance issues or simply want a stable tricycle that can help you save your energy, the e-Azteca electric trike will safely lead you wherever you want to go.

We design and sell products throughout North America and countries all around the world.

eazteca buy trivel electric trike tricyle

Discover new paths, parks and nature sports with your friends and family!

Thanks to this comfortable and safe Canadian electric tricycle, you can have fun adventures outside without any compromise!

We know its an important purchase that will change your life!

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